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Food is fuel, what you get out of your body is a result of what you put in to it. So with an overwhelming number of diets, detoxes and lifestyles around, where do you possibly begin!

Here, we've complied 7 easy healthy eating tips for weight loss from our favourite nutrition experts and health and wellness magazine - Vitality. So, if raw is the call of a tiger and paleo is as intimidating as the atmosphere in a Crossfit gym, these simple tips are for you.

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  1. Make sure your meals consist of four or more colours – vegetables and salads always add variety and nutrition.

  2. Serving sizes – has your meal suddenly become larger because your dinner plate size has? Serve meals on smaller plates.

  3. Spice it up. That’s right studies have shown that adding simple spices to your meals can increase your metabolism by up to 8%. So, be adventurous in the kitchen, your taste buds will also thank you for it.

  4. You’ve spiced up your metabolism so now’s the time to keep it running. Consuming two litres of water a day not only keeps you hydrated and helps with skin blemishes, it keeps your metabolism in top gear and burning calories longer.

  5. Grow some vegetables or herbs and serve them up. Teach the kids that food actually comes from the earth and we are part of the planet’s food chain.

  6. Involving family and friends in the cooking process is educational. If you are not the cook, learn from someone who is.

  7. Try a new shopping strip instead of a supermarket, visit a produce market or buy direct from an orchard or farm.

 Stay tuned in our four-part winter inspirations series see next week for some stress busting tips.

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