• Food to fuel your training

    1 Jun 2016

    Good nutrition and training go hand in hand when preparing for a big event like the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run. YMCA Victoria Health Promotion Officer and Nutritionist Alethea Jerebine has provided her… Read more

  • Getting your training right in the lead up to an event

    1 Jun 2016

    We’re 12 weeks from the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run, and if you’re looking to chase down a PB then you need to prepare! The YMCA is an industry leader when it comes to health and fitness, and we've outlined… Read more

  • YMCA Occasional Care

    7 Apr 2016

    NEW Occasional Care Service Opens at Phillip Island Leisure Centre. Starts Term 2 2016 Read more

Today's Timetables

Timetable Tuesday 27th September 2016

  • Group fitness
    • 6:00 AM SPIN 45m Spin Room
      9:15 AM BODY COMBAT 1hr Group Fitness Room
      10:30 AM EMT 1hr Stadium Suitable For Pre/Post Natal Suitable For Families Suitable For Seniors
      6:00 PM BODY PUMP 1hr Group Fitness Room
      7:15 PM KICK BOXING 1hr Group Fitness Room
  • Suitable for pre/post natalSuitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for familiesSuitable for families
  • Suitable for seniorsSuitable for seniors